сб, 04 мая | Fountain dedicated to the Founders Famil

Secrets of Podil & Andreevski Descent

What exactly we will see: River Port, Best place for salsa dancing, Founders Family monument Sagaydachnogo street, Kievo-Mogilanska Academy, Vozdvigenka Andriivski Discent
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Secrets of Podil & Andreevski Descent

Время и место

04 мая 2019 г., 11:00 – 13:00
Fountain dedicated to the Founders Famil, Майдан Незалежності, Київ, Украина, 02000

О событии

What to expect:

“Podil” – is one of the oldest district in Ukraine, full with not only cool bars, cafes and restaurants but of SECRETS. What kind of?

For example, about place which in 19 century – were as popular as tinder app nowadays, for meeting your soulmate/muse or at list a date. About unexpectable shape of Kiev founders family and secret place for salsa fans.. Not sure that I will rock your world with a knew that here - there were oldest Academy in Western Europe which is working for now, but I believe that you will like hill where witches were making their spirit rituals, house with gouts and incredibly beautiful, but almost empty luxurious quartier.. This place also full of street art, open-air market and young people. You will defiantly like its atmosphere. So. This part of the city – is must-see!

What exactly we will see:

  • River Port
  • Best place for salsa dancing
  • Founders Family monument
  • Sagaydachnogo street
  • Kievo-Mogilanska Academy
  • Vozdvigenka
  • Andriivski Discent
  • Andriivska church
  • House with a ghost
  • Suveniours market
  • Maybe several witches (no guaranteed but expected)

Time: 2 hours (+/-15 min)

Distance: 3,5 km

We will meet here: on the Independence square (Maydan) near the Fountain dedicated to the Founders Family.

Price for one person for open regular tour: 10 euro (300 hrn.)

Prices for a private tour:

*any route in English with a group of

1-3 persons - 15 euro per hour

4-10 persons - 20 euro per hour

11 - 20 persons - 25 euro per hour

(in Italian everything is +5 euro for 1 hour)

Language: English

P.S. We make regular open tours in Russian and English every week – schedule you can find in our fb page

P.S.S. You can also ask for a private tour in Russian, Italian languages in Kiev.

P.S.S.S. All private tours we can also make by car. In that case we can start from the place where ate you staying (center), make tour around one area with a stops in the best points and then, if you will need it, we can bring you back to the hotel. The price – is +10euro per hour. Don’t forget the class of Auto if it is important for you.

Need extra information? You can call or text me (watsapp, viber, telegram) +380 50 97 97 679 Julia lovemycity.kiev@gmail.com

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