Dnieper Legends

The Kanev Reservoir is one of the most picturesque aquatic pearls in Ukraine. It is located just 30-40 minutes of drive from Kyiv. And I invite you on a fascinating journey along the route "Dnieper Legends".

And so we choose a sunny, warm day and go for a walk early in the morning to be in time.

1️⃣I recommend making the first stop - in TRIPOLE - it is an ancient village with a long history. ⠀

The most amazing attraction of this place is Devich Hill. The history of this place stretches through the centuries. In the 4th century BC here our ancestors - Trypillians admired the Dnieper views.

And in the great old times, a temple was located on this mountain. Today's esotericists claim that the temple was dedicated to the Goddess Lada. Legends say that the bird that symbolized this goddess is a swan. And here we can recall childhood fairy tales, in which the Virgo-Swan is a frequent and beloved image. Lines from A. Pushkin's fairy tale about the Swan Princess sound magical on this mountain:

  • Here she flapped her wings. Flew over the waves...

  • Respire, shook herself and the princess turned around:

  • A month under the braid shines, And a star burns in the forehead:

  • And she is majestic, She acts like a pava ... "

Traditional offerings to the goddess Lada were wheat grains (for the harvest), coins (to attract wealth), flowers (to attract beauty).

Give yourself some fun: sowing from the listed ingredients with a round dance and songs:

Bless, mother, oh, mother Lada, mother,

Call spring, spend winter!

Winter in the wagon, little bird in the boat.

And all your wishes will come true. But man

y historians argue that in ancient times there was no such goddess at all, but magic exists only where they believe in it. So the choice is yours.

Having admired the views of the Dnieper and the village of Trypillia, we go further.

As for the Tripoli culture museum, whether to visit or not, my advice is:

-If you were in Kyiv in the Historical Museum, then its collection is much richer.

-But if you simply do not have enough time, then it is better to stop for an hour and touch the history of our ancestors who lived in the 4th century BC. When will it be possible to find time and find out that already in those distant times, Trypillians knew how to build two-story houses, grow wheat and raise livestock.

2️⃣Our next stop is VITACHOV - a chronicle village with unique views of the Dnieper. The city of Vitichev was first mentioned in the writings of the Byzantine emperor Constantine in the middle of the 10th century.

Take a look at the wooden chapel of Taras Shevchenko, as it is called because it was built according to the sketches of the great kobzar. And it appeared thanks to another master of words and fighter for freedom, his name is Oles Berdnik, and if you have not heard about him yet, then it's time to read the story of his life, he devoted it to the struggle against Soviet power.

Oles Berdnik was lucky to be in America in his life, to meet Richard Bach. Science fiction writers then talked a lot on the phone, corresponded.

When 64-year-old Berdnik described his life story to the bestselling author of Jonathan Livingston the Seagull, Richard Bach wrote:

“- How much greatness filled your heart if you chose these paths, entering the battle with such structures. I'm not sure if I would have had the courage if life had turned out this way. We admire you! We are all children of light ... "

Admire the incredible views of the mighty river (it would be appropriate to take a thermos with coffee with you, there are comfortable benches) and go further.

3️⃣RZHISHCHEV is a city mentioned by the chronicler Nestor in the "Tale of Bygone Years", the city in which Lina Kostenko was born: ⠀

And the truth, if there is a winged soil it is not necessary.

There is no earth, there will be heaven,

No field, there will be freedom.

No steam, then there will be clouds…

Having visited this town, you will understand where the poetess drew inspiration for such lines.

You can book a boat and ride with the breeze to the Flooded Church of the village of Gusintsy

(in translation, the name of village means goose). There is a legend that the church withstood the construction of the dam only because it was used in the construction of goose eggs. And why not? No wonder the name of the village Gusintsy appeared, probably there were once a lot of geese.

Climb a real Bald Hill with a mystical panorama and be sure to dedicate a few minutes to magical rituals or meditation, this place will fill you with vital energy.

And if you are lucky with the weather, then enjoy swimming in clear water with an incredible sandy bottom ⠀ at this bald hill.

4️⃣It's time to go home. On your way there will be a Memorial "BUKRINSKY bridgehead", do not miss it.

Near the village of Balyko-Schuchinka there is a hill, which is part of the remains of the ancient Rus settlement of Chuchin of 11-12 centuries.

A memorial dedicated to the bloodiest war of the 20th century has been built on this hill, where you should stand in silence with gratitude to the fallen heroes.

If you are interested in the route, but do not have time to organize, entrust this work to us and you will only have to enjoy the beauty of the Dnieper shores under the heartfelt stories of the guide. Ask questions:

📲 + 380 50 97 97 679 Julia ⠀

📲 + 380 66 05 77 333 Valentina ⠀

⭐Meeting place: at the Vydubichi metro station (in the parking place of the Furshet store) ⠀

⭐Duration: 10 hours ⠀

⭐Language of a private tour: Ukrainian, Russian or English ⠀

When: at any convenient day and time ⠀

The cost depends on the size of the group ⠀

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